Small Business

Our corporate practice derives from experience and knowledge in all aspects of corporate and commercial practice. Our clients include small business owners, publicly- traded companies, and multi-national corporations. Regardless of the complexity of the matter or uniqueness of the situation, we have the experience to recognize what is important.

The firm’s corporate finance services for clients include financing assistance through lenders and the equity markets. Our lawyers also work with firms specializing in tax planning, offshore investment planning and complex banking transactions to assist clients with more specialized needs.

Our team offers continuous support for small businesses and startup companies. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to start a business and ensure its competitive advantage.

Our corporate and commercial work includes:

  1. Incorporation (Provincial & Federal) and extra-provincial registration of a Company;
  2. Shareholders’ agreements;
  3. Corporate reorganizations, restructuring, and amalgamations;
  4. Share purchases, allotments, transfers, and related work;
  5. Annual Reports, and provision of registered record office of companies;
  6. Advising clients on a wide-range of matters related to carrying on business in Canada;
  7. Assistance in establishing Canadian branch or representative offices of overseas companies;
  8. Assisting with disputes between shareholders and handling small business’ litigious matters;
  9. Intellectual Property
    • Trademark infringement;
    • Canadian trademark registration; and
    • Registration of trademarks in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong through our network in Asia and the U.S.
  10. Assisting North American Businesses in their endeavours in Asia.